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POP YOGA  offers a wide range of benefits for both child and parent.

It's fun and interactive

Educatinal content included

Enhances flexibility

Traines body awareness

Improves coordination

Developes concentration

Builds a creative mind

Can help manage anxiety



The POP YOGA educational concept is the love project of Dora Szent-Ivanyi & Emma Nemec, mother and daughter. They love to play, chat, travel and discover the world together.

Dora is an AYA  & WAY Akademie Germany certified Hatha-, Vinasya-, & Child Yoga instructor with a devotion to childrens physical education and creative development.

POP KIDS YOGA is a Registered Child Yoga School according to the guidelines set by the American Yoga Alliance.

Emma is young lady in the second grade with endless energy to create happiness and joy around her, as all children do, with their amazing, open heart and creative mind.

WAY Zertifizierung M2 200h Szent-Ivanyi
Zertifizierung 100h KiYo Szent-Ivanyi-pa



POP KIDS YOGA creator Dora Szent-Ivanyi with yoga heros Poppy, Emma & Alex.

Meet our POP YOGA heroes

Poppy, Emma and Alex in our classes.

We´re here to have fun & encourage you in your yoga practice!

POP KIDS KINDER YOGA Wiesbaden. Child Yoga  hero Poppy, Emma and Alex.

Through a child friendly yoga practice our smallest Yogis are developing their concentration and stability, leading to a mindful state of patience and understanding towards themselves and the world around them.

With creative games and partner / group activities our childrens imagination and collaborative sense receives constant positive feedback.

Small, relaxed groups of maximum 6 children is key to the success of our POP YOGA concept.

Having fun together, playing without pressure of having to perform creates a deep & loving connection between the members of the group.

By practicing together with the POP YOGA teacher and our cute POP YOGA heroes Poppy, Emma and Alex, children feel the  security of a caring adult being one of them, while showing the way on their journey.




logoNEU grün.jpg

Every moment in our child’s life is precious.  And sometimes it’s a challenge to snap the right moment.

That is why we at POP YOGA work with photographer Miriam Bender in Wiesbaden, who is always able to capture the moments which really matter.


Lightweight, ergonomic and made using ecological materials, HOPHOPIK stools for children and adults offer easy and spine friendly seating anywhere, anytime.

textdressing_header_ohne Linie.jpg

Sometimes even the smallest tiny letter makes a huge difference. At POP YOGA we strive to make every word count - and transfer exactly what we would like to say to our parents & children. Ulrike Anderson  is  our partner for all language services - she makes sure that none of our texts get lost in translation.

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