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Are you ready to start your YOGA journey?

Our POP TEEN YOGA classes develop core strength, balance, coordination and flexibiltity.

 9-15 YEARS



kinder yoga, yoga für kinder wiesbaden, yoga fü yoga in wiesbaden jugendliche,
kinder yoga, yoga für kinder, acro yoga, yoga in wiesbaden

These yoga poses don't only  look super cool, but once you master them, they feel amazing! 

If you have been dreaming of flowing with some extra spice in your yoga practice, with arm balances, splits & other fun and challenging poses then its time you join our

POP FUNKY YOGA class for teens.

kinder yoga, yoga für kinder, acro yoga, yoga in wiesbaden
kinder yoga, yoga für kinder, acro yoga, yoga in wiesbaden

Our funky yoga practice focuses on opening and strengthening muscles which allow and support some of the coolest yoga poses.


kinder yoga, yoga für kinder, acro yoga, yoga in wiesbaden
kinder yoga, yoga für kinder, acro yoga, yoga in wiesbaden

The peak poses practiced during our classes do require patience & endurance from the young yogis & yoginis. Together we will take this amazing yoga journey.

Working with our breath, and different stretching techniques we will slowly learn to work our body towards a state of calm and concentration even in the most challenging yoga asanas, safely and under professional supervision of Dora Szent-Ivanyi Hatha-, Power-, Yoga & Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher.

Join us every Monday from 5 00 pm for your super fun, funky yoga practice at POP KIDS YOGA.



POP KINDER YOGA rücken yoga für kinder.j
rücken yoga kinder wiesbaden POP KINDER
core und rücken yoga kinder POP KINDER Y


Join our core strength and child back yoga classes for a healthy back & spine every Thursday from 6 pm.


Good and strong posture from early age onwards are key to developing and maintaining a healthy and strong body throughout our life.


Strong core muscles make it easier to do most physical activities – promoting strong bones, muscles and good posture and enhance healthy growth and development.

A strong core – abdominal, back and pelvic muscles – is extremely important for children and young adults as this is the center of everything the body does – its vital to the progression of developmental skills, balance and body coordination.

Weak core muscles in children can cause frustration with sitting in the school for longer periods, and performing motoric skills – which later have an influence on concentration. Tension headaches and back pain in a young age can also be traced back to stiff and shortened muscles in the neck, back and shoulder area.

Children tend to sit many hours at school or during their relaxation times in front of screens – with shoulders rolled forward. Tight muscles in the chest and back area may affect hand – arm coordination and may even lead to lower back pain in early teen age.

In our classes we focus on strengthening the back and abdominal muscles, whilst developing flexibility and releasing tension in the lower back, neck and shoulder areas.


SIGNS of weak core you may observe in your child

  • Poor balance/coordination – clumsiness

  • Fatigues quickly

  • Supporting the body weight on their arms, head in hand instead of sitting upright

  • Prefers to lie down when watching TV

  • Fidgets in a chair

  • Struggles with balance when lifting a leg off the ground

  • Avoid climbing on playgrounds/trees

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